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Pediatric Speech and Language Services

Providing evidence-based evaluation and therapy services for children.

Services address, but are not limited to, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), receptive and expressive language delays, speech delays,

autism spectrum disorders, and parent coaching.

Speech Therapy


Speech evaluations are conducted to identify the specific sounds or sound combinations your child is having difficulty with. Following our assessment, we will share our findings with the family and work collaboratively to develop a treatment plan with meaningful goals. Once therapy begins, therapy will be driven utilizing evidenced-based interventions and will be individualized to your child’s unique profile.


A comprehensive language evaluation is completed to identify the underlying areas impacting your child's development of receptive and/or expressive langauge skills. Following the evaluation, the clinician will work collaboratively with the family to identify goal areas to target. Identified goal areas will be developed to address language development across environments.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

AAC can help to support the communication of children who are unable to speak or those with limited communication.

An AAC evaluation is completed utilizing a feature matching process to identify the most effective AAC system for your child with a goal of selecting a system that will meet their current and future communication needs. Once a system has been identified, we will work with you to secure funding to obtain access to the recommended device and/or system.

Say Play Therapy offers diagnostic and treatment pediatric speech/language therapy services. I take an evidenced-based and highly individualized approach in my delivery of services. I recognize that children learn best through highly engaging and motivating experiences and therefore I take into account your child's specific interests and unique needs to encourage high engagement. Therapy goals are generated from results of diagnostic testing, clinical observations and family input. Time can be made available for family training to encourage generalization of skills across environments.

Community-Based Services

Home, School & Daycare

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Speech Therapy Session
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